GK Matric Hr. sec School

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“People who use time wisely spend it on activities that advance their overall purpose in life”

Extracurricular activities are not only the activities which bring fun but also it creates interest, passion and involvement. It helps students know “Time Management” and develops self – esteem.

At G.K, innumerable activities such as sports, Art and Craft, Dance and Music, Band and Bagpiper, Martial arts, Yoga, NCC, NSS, Red cross are being carried out earnestly to develop each student a well-rounded, socially skilled and healthier. In fact, co-curricular activity is a complement to academic activity. Involvement in co-curricular activities ends to improve their academic grades as well.

  • Brass Band & Bag pipes
  • NCC Air – Wing
  • Junior Red Cross

Road Safety Patrol

Our smart and enthusiastic students of Road safety Patrol help the school students and the bus students to move in a disciplined manner by adhering to the safety rules followed in Road safety. The students of G.K were given training to follow the Road Safety Rules by the school followed by workshop in the same. This was an eye opener for many of our students where they raised very inquisitive questions so that each and every students are sure to follow the Road Safety Measures.


“Physical education is the only subject that makes our heart race”. It is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body; it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.

Both physical and mental well being are the pre-requisites of great accomplishments in man’s life. Sports relax and rejuvenate the mind to fight against hurdles and hardships. It also encourages team spirit and develops leadership qualities which are primarily needed to survive in this competitive world.

Sports are mandatory at G.K from LKG to XII. It is taught be well trained and experienced physical education faculty members. The sports and games include: Athletics, football, volley ball, Basket Ball, Table tennis, Badminton, Shuttle cork, Hockey, Tennikoit, Throw ball, Kho-kho, Kabadi, Carrom and Chess. Regular practice is given to the students as per their time table as well as after school hours for the willing students. The students bagged many prizes and brought many laurels by winning various competitions in State and District level sports meet.


We have different clubs to teach life skills to the students of all grades. The clubs in progress are:

Personality club, Eco club, Astro club, Quiz club, Art and Craft club, Literary club,Theatre club and Language club. These clubs help the students know their latent potentialities and nourish them as well as guide them know the value of life and their value in life. These clubs constantly aim at instilling in them positive attitude towards life and society.


Celebrations not only bring excitement and fun but also allow us to remember the things in life that truly matters. At G.K INSTITUTIONS celebrations became a part of Curriculum. All the national festivals, Religious festivals such as Diwali, Christmas,Pongal, Navrathri, Ramzan, Birth anniversaries of great leaders, are celebrated every year with fervour and the highlight is each subject is glorified in week celebrations which includes Language, English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities. Celebrations and academics are perfectly interwoven to help the students gain general knowledge and to explore and excel.


  • Field Trips
  • Field Trips cultivate Unity
  • Field Trips facilitate the feeling of togetherness
  • Field Trips rejuvenate the growing minds to explore beyond boundaries
  • Field Trips impart Knowledge

Every year the students from LKG to XII are taken to many places of cultural importance, Press, Factories of various manufacturing products, museums, art gallery and Exhibitions. Field trips give a healthy and effective exposure to the students with the ultimate aim of bringing qualitative and quantitative development in them.

Places of Visit:

  • Consumer court
  • Collector Office
  • Head Post Office
  • Indian Express – Press
  • Wind Mills – Fields
  • Central Library
  • Visit to Guild of Service
  • Street Play (Awareness program)
  • Clean Drive Mission
  • Visit to old Age Home (JRC)
  • Awareness Rally