GK Matric Hr. sec School

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School Rules

  • Student should attend school in the prescribed uniform.
  • The school uniform should be clean and well pressed.
  • Every student must respect the teachers.
  • While moving from class to class the students shall observe the two by two schemes.
  • Home exercise and home tasks shall be done regularly and carefully. It should be submitted at the appointed time.
  • The school premises and surroundings should be kept neat and tidy.
  • Students should protect the school property. They should not damage school furniture, write or draw on walls. Any damage to property will have to be made good.
  • The decorum of the classroom shall always be maintained.
  • Students shall be well behaved at all times and in all places both inside and outside the school.
  • Use of mobile phone and electronic items is strictly prohibited inside the School Campus. Severe action will be taken if found with any such items.